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Tuesday 9/26
7pm - 9:30pm


Wednesday 9/27
10:30am - 1:00pm
3pm - 5pm

Thursday 9/28
10:30am - 1:00pm

IDent 2.0

A handheld biometric capture device for quick and accurate real-time identification while on patrol.

Learning Lab

Become an e xpert. Sign up for the IDEMIA Learning Lab, where you can learn new skills, from anywhere, at any time.

MBIS Card Capture

Processing of hard copy fingerprint and palm print cards into MBIS.

MBIS Central Viewer

Convenient, robust system administration, all in one place.

MBIS Face Expert

Enabling trained forensic face examiners to generate leads and solve crimes faster.

MBIS Latent Expert

A complete solution for centralizing latent print examination.

MBIS Reviewer

Application for reviewing and comparing biometric and demo graphic data.

Mobile Biometric Check (MBC)

Contactless, field-tested, award-winning biometric capture technology for expedited identification.


Supervised Multi-Acquisition Remote Technology for Enrollment (SMART-E). Proctored, 1:N remote biometric capture for identity proofing.

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