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Meet the Xccelerate 2022 speakers.

Tom Bartnik

VP of Justice Public Safety Products & Platforms, GCOM Software LLC

Tom Bartnik Headshot.jpg

Tom Bartnik is the current Director of Application Services and Transformation at PRIMECorp in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  He has held leadership positions within the Information, Communications and Technology sector at the municipal and federal levels within public safety, public service, and national defense domains. Tom was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Canadian Airforce and has international experience with NATO, NORAD, United States Airforce Space Command, and the United States Navy. He is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada with a Master’s degree in Management and Policy and has an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Sciences.

Adrianna Bast 

AFIS Operations Manager, Wisconsin Department of Justice - Division of Forensic Sciences

Adrianna Bast headshot.jpg

Adrianna Bast is a Fingerprint & Footwear Examiner – Advanced at the Division of Forensic Science’s Wisconsin State Crime Laboratories. She has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Forensic Science Certificate in Death Investigation from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Adrianna joined the WI Department of Justice in 2004. Since 2012 she has served as the ABIS Operations Manager for the WI Department of Justice, providing technical and subject matter expertise to stakeholders throughout multiple Divisions and Bureaus within WI DOJ and non-DOJ law enforcement entities, training individuals in the history, theory and use of the ABIS software, investigating quality matters as related to the system, working with the Idemia CSE’s to troubleshoot and document issues, interfacing with the FBI regarding NGI latent print matters, and collecting data and statistics as they pertain to the system. She served as the SME on WIDOJ’s recent upgrade to the MBIS Cloud and was involved in workflow updates and creation, acceptance and validation testing of the system, as well as post go-live troubleshooting, guideline creation, and operational change management. In 2016, Adrianna was named WI DOJ’s Forensic Scientist of the Year for her dedication to quality and her work with the ABIS. In addition to her work with WI DOJ, Adrianna is also an American National Standards Institute National Accreditation Board (ANAB) Technical Assessor in the disciplines of Friction Ridge and Impressions.

Sherri Becker

Fingerprint Services Supervisor, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Sherri Becker Headshot.jpg

Sherri Becker has been with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension as the Fingerprint Services Supervisor for 8 years.  In 2016, she created a fingerprint-training curriculum to aid in recruitment and retention of fingerprint technicians, which includes classes on Fingerprint and Palmprint Comparison Training, ACE-V Methodology, courtroom testimony training specific for tenprint examiners and fingerprint capture techniques. Prior to that, she spent 14 years employed for the state of South Dakota, half of which she served as the Lead Identification Specialist for the Division of Criminal Investigation.  She received biometric training from the FBI in both basic and advanced comparison techniques.  She’s a member of the IAI and the MN IAI and has a Bachelor’s of Art and Science degree in Criminal Justice and Business from South Dakota State University.

Candy Copelin

State Client Success Leader, IDEMIA

Candy Copelin CA B (003).jpg

Our State Client Success Leader, Candy Copelin, brings more than 24 years’ experience focused on program management, contract development, deployment, and the overall operations of fingerprinting networks for all state programs. Candy has deep experience in all areas of the fingerprinting business and customer service, including training, establishing, and executing effective policies and procedures internally as well as on behalf of our state customers. Candy is based out of Springfield, IL, she is the proud mother of 3 amazing children, Kaylee 20, Alyssa 18 and Ty 15.

Joseph Courtesis 

Founder and President, JCour-Consulting LLC


Inspector Joseph Courtesis (New York, NY) Retired, after approximately 27 years of service from the NYPD. Former Commander of the Central Investigations Division, and the NYPD’s Real Time Crime Center. Joseph provided technical assistance in hundreds of high-profile investigations and is recognized as a subject matter expert with investigative technology, social media investigations, and facial recognition policy.   He is the founder and President of JCour-Consulting LLC, a law enforcement consultant firm that provides assistance to technology companies to ensure products comply with ethical use policies. Additionally, Joseph is an active member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)-Crime Prevention Committee, the Biometric Institute- Security & Integrity Group, and the Security Industry Association (SIA)- Facial Recognition Working group.

Angela Delatte

CODIS Unit Supervisor, Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory

Angela Delatte Headshot.jpg

Angie Delatte is the CODIS Unit Supervisor at the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory in Baton Rouge, LA.  She has ten years of experience in Forensic DNA Analysis. Most recently, Angie has worked to develop policies and procedures for booking agency integration of Rapid DNA.  Her work was instrumental in helping Louisiana’s Rapid DNA Booking program become the first in the nation to receive the Authority to Operate (ATO) designation from the FBI.  In her spare time, Angie enjoys sports, travelling, and spending time with her husband Steve, sons Parker and Patrick (both attending LSU), and her two pups, Beatrice and Bosco.

Kaustubh Deshpande

Vice President of Product Management, IDEMIA

Kaustubh headshot.jpg

Kaustubh Deshpande is the Vice President of Product Management managing the team responsible for all products within the IDEMIA I&S N.A Business Unit. Kaustubh has been with IDEMIA for 17 years and has worked on bringing innovative products to the market by providing technical, market and business direction for various products in his portfolio over the years. Kaustubh enjoys engaging with customers and partners to identify, plan and implement solutions to real world problems and focus on user experience.

Christie Fleeman 

Regional Cal-ID Program Manager, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

Christie Fleeman A.jpg

Christie Fleeman has been with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years, and currently serves as the Regional Cal-ID Program Manager for Sacramento County. Cal-ID provides fingerprint, facial recognition and DNA technology to the law enforcement agencies of Sacramento County. Ms. Fleeman began her career working in accounting for the Civil Division, Administrative Division and managing a station house prior to her 10+ years in various custody assignments. She has been in her current position for over nine years, helping to provide biometric technology education and equipment to law enforcement agencies in Sacramento County. A native of California, Ms. Fleeman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music.

Gerard Gallant

Leader, Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Program, Amazon Web Services

Gerard Gallant Updated Headshot.JPG

Gerard Gallant is the Leader  - Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Program at Amazon Web Services where he is responsible for ensuring that application technology partners have the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure compliance to the CJIS Security Policy. Gerard has spent the last 30+ years helping customers solve business problems with technology and ensuring they remain customers for life.  He has held roles in all stages of the application lifecycle including sales, marketing, product management, product engineering, systems implementation, data security and privacy, customer support and product/service quality with KMPG, HP/EDS, Oracle and Motorola Solutions.  He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Information Systems and is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant.

Brandon Gray

VP Service Delivery, IDEMIA

Brandon Gray headshot.jpg

Brandon Gray is currently the Vice President for IDEMIA’s Services Organization. Brandon retired from the New Jersey State Police in 2020 at the rank of Major after 25+ years of service. Upon his retirement Brandon was the CTO and oversaw all IT, database, reporting and biometric services for the NJSP as the Commanding Officer for the Identification and Information Technology Section. Prior to his last assignment he served in various investigative positions. After working several years as a General Duty Road Trooper, Brandon was assigned to  the Cumberland County Narcotics Task Force. Brandon was then assigned to the Camden Anti-Crime Partnership again working in an undercover capacity and eventually working with the DEA MET Team. Upon completing his assignment with the DEA, he transitioned into the Camden City Shooting Response Team, investigating shootings within the City of Camden. After several years working in the City of Camden he was assigned to the Casino Gaming Bureau continuing to work in an undercover capacity in Atlantic City. Brandon was then selected to work for the Command Staff, directly for the Commanding Officer of the Special Investigations Section, the Deputy Superintendent of Investigations and later promoted to the position of Executive Officer of the Special Investigations Section. Brandon was then promoted to his last assignment in 2015 as the Commanding Officer of the Identification and Information Technology Section (I&ITS) where he had direct oversight of over 250 employees. The I&TS is organized into 3 bureaus consisting of 21 distinct and highly technical units.  The 3 bureaus are the State Identification Bureau, the Criminal Justice Records Bureau, and the Information Technology Bureau.

Carey Hall

Forensic Scientist, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Carey Hall Headshot.jpg

Carey Hall is a certified latent print examiner with over a decade of experience. Carey performs casework, consulting, and expert training. She has a unique perspective working with a variety of policy, workflow, and technology. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Legal Studies from Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, at Arizona State University. Carey has been instructing for the last 9 years on a number of topics at the intersection of law and science. Additionally, she is currently the Executive Secretary for the OSAC Friction Ridge Subcommittee.

Doug Harvey

Chief Technology Officer, Identity & Security North America


Doug Harvey’s role is to boost innovation and speed-to-market worldwide. He is focused on expanding IDEMIA I&S North America’s network, building positive relationships with stakeholders in pursuit of solutions that align with technology offerings, and achieving key business goals. He works closely with IDEMIA I&S North America’s technology teams to drive the adoption, education, and advocacy for digital engineering transformation and promote the use of modern iterative development methods and leveraging of microservice-based architectural designs. Prior to joining IDEMIA I&S North America, Harvey held leadership roles at defense technology leaders L3Harris and Computer Science Corporation (CSC). In both positions, he led the transformation of legacy government systems to utilize modern frameworks, architectures, and methods.

Daniel Heltemes

Sergeant, Arizona Department of Public Safety

Heltemes Headshot.jpg

Arizona Department of Public Safety, Sergeant Daniel Heltemes has over twenty years of Law Enforcement experience working for municipality, county and state agencies within the State of Arizona.  He has held various assignments to include dispatcher, police officer/state trooper, detective in narcotics and major crimes. He promoted to sergeant and has held positions within the Internal Affairs Unit, Digital Forensics Unit and Forensic Images Unit. In 2016, he developed and implemented a Facial Recognition program for the State of Arizona in conjunction with the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center.  He currently manages and supervises the statewide multiagency Facial Recognition program which provides investigative assistance for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.  He currently serves as the Chair of the Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG), an Ad Hoc member of the International Association for Identification Facial Identification Subcommittee, and has served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Organization of Scientific Area Committee for Forensic Science (OSAC) on three Scientific and Technical Review Panels.

Dorinda Hill

Manager, Product Management, IDEMIA

Dorinda Hill headshot.jpg

Dorinda Hill is Manager, Product Management who manages the Biometric Capture and Enrollment portfolio for IDEMIA based in Anaheim, California. She joined IDEMIA late 2018 with experience in both consumer and commercial product management, development, and marketing. Dorinda has a successful track record in consistently garnering and translating the voice of the customer into successful market solutions. Her passion is delighting the customer.

Christopher Jacoby

Vice President of Justice Public Safety (JPS) Products & Platforms, GCOM

Christopher Jacoby Headshot .jpg

Christopher Jacoby serves as GCOM’s Vice President of Justice Public Safety (JPS) Products & Platforms, reporting to the Chief Product Officer.  Chris has nearly three decades of progressive experience providing innovative technology-based solutions to assist large public sector agencies solve complex business problems.  Chris is responsible for leading the evolution and expansion of GCOM’s JPS solution portfolio, anchored by GCOM's Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Solution suite, to align with the current and future information management, interoperability, and analytical needs of State and Local justice public safety agencies. He closely monitors proposed federal and state regulatory changes and trends to influence GCOM's CCH product roadmap prioritization. Chris is a seasoned information technology executive with a successful track record of assisting large law enforcement agencies in developing and executing information system strategic plans to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of their operations.  Chris led the development of department-wide Information Technology (IT) strategic plans for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) and Santa Clara County Department of Correction, delivering IT portfolio evolution roadmaps comprising both short-term practical solutions that provided immediate business value while orchestrating the processes for larger, complex initiatives.  Chris has extensive experience with large jail operations and inmate movement logistics.  He led the development of LASD’s Defendant/Inmate Movement Management System (DIMMS) strategic plan and subsequent DIMMS implementation, comprised of new technology and business process re-engineering leading to improve the predictability and efficiency of the daily movement logistics of more than 2,000 inmates housed in eight facilities to 48 court locations within the County.   In addition to the enterprise initiatives, Chris has made major contributions to a number of other major criminal justice initiatives for Los Angeles County criminal justice administration community including the initial countywide Livescan rollout, LA County Sheriff AFIS Replacement, Consolidated Criminal History Reporting System (CCHRS) implementation and Civil Process Administration system implementation and management.

Artour Karaguiozian

VP Solution Delivery, IDEMIA

Artour Karaguiozian headshot.jpeg

Artour Karaguiozian entered the Biometrics field as a Research Engineer in 2003 and has been with IDEMIA ever since. He has served as a Lead AFIS Developer, Head AFIS Architect, Director of RND and currently a VP of Solution Delivery. During hie tenure Artour has headed various initiatives like IDEMIAs Advanced Technology Group, Innovation Board as well as served as the official IDEMIA’s representative at biometric standardization committees like NIST, ANSI, and ISO. Artour has enjoyed and maintained focus on customer feedback, requirements, and general customer interaction. Artour is based in Orange County, Southern California, close to IDEMIA’s Anaheim facility. He holds a MSE Degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences of Berlin, Germany The Delivery organization, which Artour is heading currently is responsible the execution of customer programs from contract signature to final acceptance. The functional areas include Law Enforcement, as well as Physical and Digital Driver License solutions. To be successful Artour works on a regular basis with internal and external stakeholders and maintains a good awareness of the state of the industry.

Paige Kneeland

Deputy Sheriff, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

PaigeKneeland Headshot.jpg

Paige Kneeland is a Deputy Sheriff with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, since 2003. She is currently assigned to the Centralized Investigations Division Homicide Bureau, where she works unsolved/cold homicide, sexual assault and long-term missing-person cases. Paige contracts with the Sacramento Police Department, Homicide Unit, working cold cases as well. Paige serves as the Chairman for the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) National Advisory Board and is a certified Crime Analyst with the State of California. She is the elected Vice President (Board Member) for the Southeastern Homicide Investigators Association (SEHIA). Paige acted as the Logistics Manager for the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer Task Force formed in 2010 and coordinated the multi-jurisdictional, collaborative Missing in California events in 2018, 2019 and 2021.  She earned a Master of Science in Forensic Science from the University of New Haven (1999), and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from North Georgia College and State University (1997). In her spare time, Paige is a Girl Scout leader and loves coaching her daughter’s softball team.

Krista Koch

Program Manager of the Biometric Identification and Analysis Unit, FBI

Krista Koch Headshot.png

In May 2020, Ms. Krista Koch was designated the Program Manager of the Biometric Identification and Analysis Unit (BIAU) within the Biometric Services Section of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Today she leads the BIAU which comprises the operations, analysis and development of Fingerprints, Palm Prints, Scars, Marks and Tattoos, and the latest biometric identification service, Irises. Ms. Koch entered on duty with the FBI in July of 1994.  She has held the positions of Supervisory Information Technology Specialist within the Information Technology Management Section's Requirements and Change Management Unit, Unit Chief within the National Instant Criminal Background Check Section's Business Unit, and Unit Chief within the Law Enforcement Support Section's Partner Relations and Outreach Unit.  Ms. Koch brings a wide breadth of knowledge from her time leading positive change within the FBI as she hones her skills in her educational background in Business Administration and Marketing.

Ross Krewenka

Product Manager, IDEMIA

Ross Krewenka headshot.jfif

Ross Krewenka is a Product Manager for IDEMIA responsible for their Mobile Solutions product portfolio including IDEMIA's Mobile Biometric Check, Mobile ID Verify and mID mobile apps.  Ross has been working as a Product Manager for over 15 years and has extensive experience launching innovative mobile applications.  In addition to IDEMIA's line of mobile solutions, Ross also has experience managing IDEMIA's facial recognition software as well as their latent fingerprint investigation application.

Dean Kueter

Brooks Bawden Moore


Dean M. Kueter, Jr. joined Brooks Bawden Moore in April 2022 after serving at the U.S. Department of Justice for a dozen years, most recently as Law Enforcement Advisor to the Attorney General. In 2019, Attorney General William P. Barr appointed Dean as the Executive Director of the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, which conducted the first comprehensive review of the criminal justice system in more than 50 years. Prior to his appointment to lead the Commission, AG Barr asked him to establish the State and Local Law Enforcement Coordination Section, a new division within the Department of Justice. Before establishing the State and Local Law Enforcement Coordination Section, Dean was Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF). He also has served as ATF’s Chief of Legislative Affairs. Prior to joining ATF, Dean held two senior positions at the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). He was Chief of Staff and prior to that, he was the Assistant Director for External Affairs. Prior to his Executive Branch service, Dean served as a senior advisor at Lafayette Group, a public safety consulting firm, where he was the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCC) Washington representative. Before joining Lafayette Group, Dean spent nearly 10 years as the Director of Government Affairs at the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) where he represented the interests of our nation’s more than 3,000 elected sheriffs. During his time at NSA, Dean authored two bills that became law, the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act and the Protecting Seniors from Fraud Act. Dean has Capitol Hill, campaign, and election experience. He spent twelve years as a Chief Election Judge in Montgomery County, Maryland. He worked in the office of U.S. Representative Peter Blute where he was responsible for law enforcement and public safety issues and early in his career, he worked on three congressional campaigns and one ballot referendum. Dean is a graduate of Boston College where he studied political science and philosophy.

Glenn Langenburg

Forensic Scientist, Elite Forensic Services LLC


Glenn Langenburg is a certified latent print examiner and has been performing fingerprint examinations for over 22 years.  He manages a consulting business (Elite Forensic Services, LLC) which provides training courses to fingerprint examiners around the world.  He has experience with crime scenes and bloodstain pattern evidence.  Glenn has a Ph.D. in Forensic Science from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. His thesis, “A Critical Analysis and Study of the ACE-V Process”, focuses on decision-making and the application of ACE-V by fingerprint experts.  Glenn has lectured and hosted workshops nationally and internationally at forensic science conferences on topics including Daubert issues, research, probabilistic approach, error rates, and fingerprint methodology.  He has published numerous research articles in peer reviewed journals.  He also co-hosts a podcast, “The Double Loop Podcast”, on fingerprint topics with Eric Ray.

Marianne Lause

Justice and Public Safety PMO Leader, IDEMIA

Mariane Lause.jpg

Marianne Lause is the Justice and Public Safety PMO Leader and has been with IDEMIA since 2003.  She has always worked in a customer-facing role, with a focus on customer satisfaction first and foremost. She has worked as a Project Manager, Account Manager and Program Manager, utilizing the skills cultivated in these roles to then undertake the role of Project Management Delivery Leader for all State & Local Criminal Justice Programs in 2018. In June 2021, Marianne assumed her current role today as the Leader of the JPS Program Management Office, working with and leading a team of Program Managers who oversee both Criminal Justice and Enrollment Services programs. Marianne is PMP certified and holds a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Finance and Computer Science. Prior to joining IDEMIA, she worked as an Accountant, Financial Controller, and then moved into Project Management for large IT systems in the manufacturing industry and later in the real estate industry before coming into the biometric industry.

Kirk Lonbom

Director, Public Safety and Justice Strategy, Microsoft


As Director of Public Safety and Justice Strategy at Microsoft, Kirk establishes and drives Microsoft’s strategy to best serve the public safety and justice mission for state and local government in the U.S. In this role, Kirk works with public safety and justice executives, practitioners, and information technology professionals to ensure Microsoft’s technology, services, and partner eco-system address the most critical needs of the entire public safety and justice community. Kirk has four decades of experience in state and local government with most of his career focused on public safety. His transition from law enforcement to public safety technologist and strategist includes serving as the Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Illinois State Police, CIO for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, and Illinois’ first statewide Chief Information Security Officer. Kirk retired from government service in 2018, after serving as the CIO and cabinet level Secretary for the State of Illinois. Kirk joined Microsoft in 2020, where he helps to drive national strategy and business development for public safety and justice.

Ben Mallen

Senior VP Business Line, IDEMIA

Ben Mallen updated Headshot.jpg

Ben Mallen has 25-years of experience in Operations, Quality and Business Leadership with the last 15 years focused on supporting Government Customers and their Identity & Security missions. Ben’s prior experience includes diverse, global leadership assignments spanning Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance, Audit, Quality, Transformation, Sales and Services roles in General Electric, SAFRAN and IDEMIA.    Ben is based in Massachusetts, holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business from Penn State University and is a certified Lean-Sigma Black Belt.

Casey Mayfield

Senior Vice President of Justice and Public Safety, IDEMIA

Casey Mayfield headshot.jpg

Casey Mayfield is IDEMIA’s Senior Vice President of Justice and Public Safety, overseeing state and local criminal justice programs and civilian enrollment solutions throughout North America. Ms. Mayfield brings over 25 years of state and local program management and CJIS industry experience, having previously served as VP for State and Local Enrollment Solutions and Sr. Director, U.S. Business Operations, overseeing enrollment center operations for state and federal customers. Ms. Mayfield is a graduate of the University of Illinois, with a degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement.

Odhran McCarthy

New York Liaison Officer, UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

Odhran McCarthy Headshot.jpg

Mr. Odhran McCarthy is the New York Liaison Officer for the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), where he is responsible for engagement with the broader United Nations system and interactions with its Member States at headquarters level. He also actively contributes to UNICRI’s work on emerging technologies, focusing in particular on the use of AI-based tools, such as facial recognition technology, by law enforcement, and on the potential for the use or abuse of emerging technologies by organized criminal groups, terrorist and violent extremists. Prior to this, he was engaged in monitoring and evaluating projects implemented within the framework of the EU’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence initiative and an EU initiative on Strengthening Biosafety and Biosecurity Capabilities in the South Caucasus and Central Asian Countries. He has a background in international law and the law of international organizations, having studied at University College Cork, Ireland; Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany; and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands. He is currently based in New York at United Nations Headquarters.

David McClendon

Command Inspector of Support, Louisiana State Police


David McClendon is a 27 year veteran of the Louisiana State Police and has served as the Command Inspector of Support since February 2018. He currently oversees the Bureau of Criminal Identification & Information (BCII-LCJIS), LSP Crime Laboratory and LSP Training Academy. He has held previous assignments in Patrol, Internal Affairs and Training. He currently serves as a board member on the Louisiana Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) Policy Board. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Southern University and is a 2009 graduate of Northwestern University – School of Police Staff and Command.

Jim McDermott

Program Manager, IDEMIA

Jim McDermott pic.jpg

Jim has been with IDEMIA for over 28 years in a variety of roles in Engineering, Program Management, Project Management, and as a Business line owner. He led the engineering and project teams for the initial Facial Recognition (FR) projects in both the DMV and Law Enforcement space.  In 2019 he moved to the Justice and Public Safety Team where he has been a Program Manager and most recently leads the Project Management Team.

Jerry O'Brien

Manager of Product Management, IDEMIA


Curious and driven, Jerry is currently the Manager of Product Management at IDEMIA. From starting multiple companies to helping deliver the Ai cloud platform for business at IBM, he thrives at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and business. Jerry is currently responsible for an exceptional group of Product managers focused on the next generation of Cloud Native, Biometric Platforms at IDEMIA.

Wyatt Pettengill

Senior Director Project Management, IDEMIA

Wyatt Pettengill Headshot.png

Wyatt Pettengill joined IDEMIA in 2020 as part of the Justice and Public Safety team serving as Senior Director of Program Development. Prior to joining IDEMIA, Wyatt worked at the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation for 28 years, during which time he was involved with the sharing of criminal justice information at the state and national level. He also served in a variety of national leadership roles focused on sharing of criminal justice information. Most recently, he served as the Chairman of the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council. He also served as the Chair of the FBI’s N3G Task Force, which is charged with modernizing NCIC, one of the FBI’s mission-critical criminal information sharing applications. ​He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from North Carolina State University and was a member of the NC SBI 26h Special Agent Academy.

Henry Pietrewicz

Multi Biometric Identification System Product Manager, IDEMIA

Henry Pietrewicz headshot.png

Henry Pietrewicz currently serves as IDEMIA I&SNA MBIS (Multi Biometric Identification System) product manager. Henry has been with IDEMIA for 25 years. He is an IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional (CBP) and has served as a face examiner at the New York City Police Department for 3 years as an IDEMIA employee. He is passionate about providing law enforcement with products, technology and services that help agencies fight crime and create a safer world.

Eric Ray

Technical Project Leader, IDEMIA


Eric Ray, CLPE is a Technical Project Leader with IDEMIA responsible for developing training, gathering customer feedback, and recommending product improvements. After earning a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona, he began his career in forensic science in 2007. As a member of the International Association of Identification, Eric is on the Editorial Board of the Journal for Forensic Identification and chaired the Special Committee on Latent Print Probability Modeling. He is a member of the OSAC Friction Ridge Subcommittee developing standards for the latent print field. Eric has developed and presented lectures, workshops, and training classes on a number of latent print topics, especially on Reducing Erroneous Exclusion. In his spare time, he also co-hosts the Double Loop Podcast with over 200 episodes discussing fingerprint and forensic topics.

John Riemen

Lead Specialist, Dutch Police 


John A.J.M. Riemen is lead specialist to the Dutch Police and is the manager and custodian of the national criminal ABIS. He is in charge of the Center for Biometrics as part of the National Forensic Service Centre of the national Police and nationally responsible for the Fingerprint and Face identifications. He serves as the expert witness in court for these fields and is the strategic advisor to the office of the national Police Commissioner. He has experience in the use of forensic fingerprint technologies, face recognition, disaster victim identification, identity management, identity fraud and process design in the field of biometrics.  Mr. Riemen is for more than 36 years active in law enforcement and for more than 20 years in forensic science.  He currently serves as a member of the IDEMIA Public Security Executive Users Board as international users representative. Also he is the chosen vice chair of the Ridgeology sub-working group of the Interpol Disaster Victim Identification Working group. He is guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and the national Police Academy.

Mark Roberg

Sustaining Engineer III of Managed Services Engineering, IDEMIA

mark roberg headshot.jpg

Mark Roberg has been in the computer industry for over 41 years and with IDEMIA for nearly 21 years. In his duties as a Senior Product Support Engineer, he has supported both older Jail and Prison Management applications and for the last 18 years, the BIS and now MBIS software product lines, along with various mugshot and facial recognition software products. Mark is one of the instructors for MBIS System Administration, as well as Front End Tenprint and Latent User training. He also has developed and taught a MBIS Query and Reporting class. He also provides technical support and problem resolution, along with performing some System Integration work. Mark has extensive expertise regarding data backup and recovery solutions, and experience in the creation of custom database reports for various products. He has been recognized by Oracle as an Oracle SQL Expert and Oracle DBA.

David Roberts

Executive Director, SEARCH Group, Incorporated

DavidRoberts Headshot.jpg

David J. Roberts is Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SEARCH Group, Incorporated. He has extensive experience supporting justice information technology (IT) policy, planning, and research in state and federal governments, nonprofit organizations, and private industry. Mr. Roberts supports the SEARCH Membership Group of Governor-appointed representatives and SEARCH’s business lines in criminal history law and policy, justice information sharing, and cybercrime and digital evidence training and technical assistance. Mr. Roberts also serves as Executive Director/CEO of the Open Justice Broker Consortium (OJBC), which functions as the technical development arm of SEARCH, and provides software and data engineering services for state and local jurisdictions throughout the nation. He represents SEARCH before various branches and levels of government, including the U.S. Congress and the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, with partner criminal justice and public safety associations, and with private industry.

Donnie Scott

Chief Executive Officer, IDEMIA I&S North America

Donnie Scott headshot.png

A 20-year veteran of the public security and IT solutions industry, Donnie Scott was recently appointed CEO for IDEMIA I&S North America, a long-time market-leading provider of identity and security solutions to both government and commercial customers. A trusted partner to the U.S. government for over 60 years, IDEMIA issues over 70 percent of the driver licenses and ID’s in the U.S., is the leading provider of biometric technologies for law enforcement agencies across North America, and is the only authorized provider of TSA Pre Check enrollment services for the Department of Homeland Security. In addition to his role as CEO IDEMIA I&S North America Donnie currently serves as the Treasurer of the International Biometrics and Identity Association (IBIA). Prior to IDEMIA, Donnie served as Industry Sales Leader at DXC Technology, an IT services company where his team generated more than $1 billion in sales and 20% growth over a three- year period for its National Security Business. Based in Reston, Virginia, Donnie is known as a collaborative leader of teams that enable clients to achieve their mission and business objectives. Prior to his work at DXC Technology, Donnie was a sales leader at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, and Electronic Data Systems. He has a BA in economics from the University of Virginia.

Lisa Shoemaker

Vice President, Government Relations, IDEMIA


Lisa Shoemaker oversees federal, state, and local government relations efforts, managing partnerships and relationships with governments, external stakeholders, and advocates. Prior to joining IDEMIA, Lisa was Director of Media Operations for the Republican National Convention. She led all operational and logistical media planning during pandemic-challenged 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte, NC. Prior to her work in public service and politics, Lisa was Marketing and Communications Manager for East Mississippi Electric Power Association (EMEPA) in Meridian, MS, where she gained invaluable crisis management experience helping design and launch a successful re-branding of EMEPA following Hurricane Katrina. Lisa holds a BS in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication from Mississippi College and a Master’s in Public Relations from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has taught classes in public speaking, mass communication, public relations, and crisis communications.

Jeremy Slavish

Senior Business Development Manager, AWS Justice & Public Safety

Jeremy Slavish Updated Headshot.tiff

Jeremy Slavish is a Senior Business Development Manager on the AWS Justice & Public Safety team. In this role, he helps law enforcement agencies and technology partners to build or find solutions to solve complex challenges facing public safety. Prior to AWS, Jeremy spent twenty years with the Michigan State Police (MSP) in several different technology-focused leadership roles helping his department and others in the State of Michigan find more effective and efficient ways of achieving their missions.  Jeremy’s last eight years with the MSP focused on cutting-edge biometric criminal identification systems, including eight years as the Division Director of the Biometrics & Identification Division.

Charles Smith

Disaster Mortuary Response Team

Charles Smith Headshot.jpg

Charles Smith is a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a B.S. in Criminology from Louisiana State University.  He began his career with the East Baton Rouge Corner and served there for nearly 25 years. In 1994, he was appointed to DMORT VI (Disaster Mortuary Response Team).  DMORT is a federally funded response team administered under Health and Human Services.  As part of the National Disaster Medical System DMORT Responds to fatality events that overwhelm local or state resources when requested. DMORT Responses Include (Partial List): 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing, 1996 Olympic Park Bombing, 2001 World Trade Center Disaster, 2001 American Airlines Flight Crash in NYC, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, 2005 Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, 2008 Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, 2020 Covid 19 Quarantine response to Travis AFB, Ca, 2020 Covid 19 Response to assist New York City Office Chief Medical Examiner, Private Contract responses, SwissAir flight 111 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Air Peru crash in Amazon Jungle, KenyaAir crash in Doula, Camaroon, Commercial crash Moroni, Grand Comoro, Egypt air crash off of Providence RI, Alaska Air crash off West coast of US Chuck currently works for the East Baton Rouge District Attorney as a forensic Investigator assigned to the Violent Crime Unit working homicide cases. For the past 20 years, he has worked as an instructor at NCBRT. Retired from NCBRT March 2022.

Nicole Spaun

Senior Manager of Criminal Justice Training, IDEMIA

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Dr. Nicole Spaun is the Senior Manager for Criminal Justice Training and Development for IDEMIA.  Previously she worked as our Principal Face Biometric Expert.  She has a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and her MS and PhD in Geological Sciences from Brown University while involved with NASA’s Galileo mission.  Dr. Spaun then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Center.  Motivated by the attacks of 9/11, she switched and started at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Using her image analysis skills as a Forensic Image Examiner, she specialized in biometrics and photogrammetry including publishing papers on techniques for facial identification that culminated in the development and deployment of an FBI training program for facial comparisons.  Dr. Spaun then became the first Biometrics Program Manager for US Army Europe in Germany.  Today at IDEMIA she is a member of the Facial Identification Scientific Working Group and an associate member of the International Association of Identification’s Subcommittee on Facial Identification.  Dr. Spaun is also an Adjunct Professor at the forensic science department of George Mason University (GMU) and the physical sciences at University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC).

Gary Stroupe

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, FBI

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Gary Stroupe came to the FBI’s, Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division from the private sector in 2006.  Since then, he has worked exclusively in the CJIS Division’s Biometric Services Section in Clarksburg, West Virginia leading a variety of technical and operational efforts.  In 2013 he was tasked as the operational lead for the transition from the FBI’s IAFIS System to the current Next Generation Identification (NGI) System.  He has led several biometric services including fingerprint processing, latent print processing, and face recognition services.  Mr. Stroupe is currently the acting Assistant Section Chief of the Biometric Services Section.

Thomas Turner

Division Commander for the Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS), Virginia State Police

Thomas Turner Headshot.JPG

Captain Turner was employed with the Virginia Department of State Police for more than 50 years. While as a member of the State Police. Turner served in the capacities of Dispatcher, Trooper, Criminal Investigator, Sergeant, First Sergeant, and Lieutenant and retired as Captain of the Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Division. Captain Turner Served for more than 30years in the CJIS Division and was responsible for the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE), which maintains all criminal history records and is responsible for the dissemination of criminal history records, which includes Criminal Justice and Non-Criminal Justice records.  As Captain he was also responsible for the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry, the Sex Offender Investigative unit, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which includes all live scan facilities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, The Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN), which is the telecommunication system for all Criminal Justice Agency within the state, the Firearms Transaction Center (FTC), which approves all gun transactions, the Uniform Crime Reporting/Instant Base Reporting (UCR/IBR) and he was responsible for maintaining all criminal investigative reports and crime scene photographs for the Department of State Police.  He was instrumental in formulating and passing of legislation for the all of the aforementioned programs, including legislation for the FBI compact and Virginia's rap-back. He was the Superintendent appointee to the FBI/NCIC Southern Region Working Group, and served as one of the three state representatives elected to the FBI Advisory Policy Board (APB) from the Southern Region. He was elected as the 2sd vice chairman of the APB for 4 years and was elected as the Chairman of the APB for 4 years.  He have been involved with the NCIC process for more than 35 years He was the Governor’s appointee to the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics and Criminal History Record (SEARCH) for 20 years.  While a member of SEARCH he served as vice Chairman for over 6 years and was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors.   He was also the past Chairman of the Board of Directors for AFIS Internet.  He was the U. S. Attorney Generals appointee to the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council and served for 15 years.  While as member of the FBI/Compact Council, he served on the subcommittee on Planning and Outreach. He also served as the Virginia Representative to the International Justice and Public Safety Network  (NLETS) where he served as Vice Chairman and Chairman of Region C. He is a graduate of the Southern Police Administrators Institute, at the University of Louisville, Kentucky.  The University of Richmond Supervisory Instructor’s Course, John Tyler Community College, and is completing a Degree in Criminal Justice at Virginia State University.

Lisa Voss

Assistant Director of the State Bureau of Identification, Delaware State Police

Lisa Voss B.jpg

Lisa Voss is in her 28th year with the Delaware State Police, State Bureau of Identification, serving as the Assistant Director of the State Bureau of Identification. Formerly the AFIS Section Administrator, she has worked in all areas of the science of tenprint and latent fingerprints, as well as facial recognition. Ms. Voss also serves as the State Compact Officer for the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact where she is currently the Eastern Regions Chair and sits on the Planning and Outreach Committee. Lisa is the governor-appointed state representative to SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics and serves as a member of their Board of Directors.

Chad Wadsworth

Director, Solution Engineering, IDEMIA


Based in Austin, TX, Chad Wadsworth, Director, Solution Engineering, has been with IDEMIA for over two decades. Over his tenure, he and has provided Enrollment Services Deployment, Program Management, Client Executive and Solution Engineering services to our state customers in CA,TX, NY, OK, WA, SC, MO and IN. His perspective on the evolution of biometric enrollment and the needs of our customers has helped inform the development of our next generation of solutions.

Gordon Warden

Customer Support Operations, IDEMIA

gordon warden headshot.jpeg

Gordon Warden is based in Texas and has 44-years of continuous experience in Customer Support Operations, Service Delivery Quality and Business Leadership with the last 17 years focused on Managing Field Support Teams for our Identity & Security Customers. Gordon’s prior experience includes System Administration, Product Design, Customer Service and Operations, Process Development and Process Improvement roles with Data Card, De La Rue Printrak, Printrak International, Motorola, SAFRAN and IDEMIA.

Chris Weatherly

Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) Information Security Officer (ISO), FBI

ChrisWeatherly pic.png

John C. “Chris” Weatherly, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) Information Security Officer (ISO):  Chris joined the FBI in 1994 with his entire career in some "flavor" of security. Chris was a Federal police officer understanding the need for accurate information expeditiously. In 1998, Chris assumed the position of Personnel Security Specialist responsible for initiating and maintaining contract personnel security clearances. In 2004, Chris was assigned as an Information System Security Officer (ISSO) for several CJIS systems to include the CJISWAN and was promoted in 2014 to a Supervisory ISSO position overseeing ISSOs of all CJIS systems. Chris has a Bachelor's Degree in Business focusing on Information Systems, and a Master's Degree in the Administration of Justice and Security.  Chris is also a Certified Information System Management Professional with the International Information Systems Certification Consortium.  In October 2017, Chris was selected as the FBI CJIS Division ISO to focus solely on the information assurance needs of the Advisory Policy Board and Compact Council and protection of the nation's criminal justice information

David “Ski” Witzke

Software Engineer, Public Security Delivery & Integration, IDEMIA

David Witzke Headshot.tif

David “Ski” Witzke has more than 30 years of forensic digital imaging experience and is a renowned expert in forensic digital imaging science.  Ski has conducted hundreds of digital imaging programs for latent print examiners, footwear and tiretread examiners, and questioned document examiners throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.   Ski was an associate instructor at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia for more than eight years; an adjunct professor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, BC for more than five years; as well as was an adjunct professor at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Ski was a guest speaker/instructor at the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes Fingerprint Working Group Meetings in Split, Croatia; Taormina, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; Pontoise, France; Lausanne, Switzerland; and Porto, Portugal.  Ski also conducted digital image processing programs for the Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Consortium throughout the UK as well as taught classes for the Federal Department of Justice and Police AFIS/DNA Services in Berne, Switzerland and the National Forensic Center in Linköping, Sweden.   Ski is a contributing writer for four well-known books on digital imaging technologies: Handbook of Forensic Photography (Published 2022 by CRC Press … pending release as of March 15th, 2022), Crime Scene Photography (First, Second and Third Editions; the Third Edition was published in 2016 by Academic Press), Footwear, The Missed Evidence (Second and Third Editions; the Third Edition was published in 2013 by Staggs Publishing), Introduction to Crime Scene Photography (Published 2012 by Academic Press; available in English and Chinese).  Crime Scene Photography was chosen by the International Association for Identification for the Certified Crime Scene Investigator (CCSI) Certification Test, the Certified Crime Scene Analyst (CCSA) Certification Test, the Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst (CSCSA) Certification Test, and the Forensic Photography Certification Test.

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