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The agenda will be updated over the next several months and will deliver a comprehensive educational program that will include presentations and panel discussions by nationally renowned law enforcement subject matter experts, workshops, training opportunities, and certificate classes.

General Sessions:

  • Devil in the River City

  • Future of Biometrics

  • Next Gen Live-Scan Devices

  • Impact of Clean Slate Laws

  • Rapid DNA Deployment

  • Competing Narratives of Facial Recognition

  • Federal Legislative Update

  • Contactless Biometric Capture Uses Cases

  • Bridging Forensic Sciences and Management

  • Benefits of Lights-Out Processing

  • Contactless Biometric Capture Panel Discussion

  • United Nations Facial Recognition Policy Framework

  • FBI update on CJIS Security Policy

  • Evolution of Mobile Driver’s License

  • Criminal History System Upgrade: Lessons Learned

  • Facial Recognition Panel Discussion

Certificate Classes:

  • Advanced Training on Latent Searches

  • Hands-On Facial Recognition Training

  • Tenprint and Palmprint Quality Control and Verification

  • Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG) Best Practices for Facial Recognition

  • Digital Imaging Practices for Maximizing Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Results

  • Matching Faces and Images

  • Advanced Digital Image Processing Techniques

  • Tattoo Matching

  • Case AFIS Tutorial

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